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The Pioneer Academy Pioneer Pupil Passport

Ensuring that our pupils are exposed to a range of experiences during their time with us has been a key focus at our trust for some years now following the introduction of our Pioneer Pupil Passports.  We developed the Pioneer Pupil Passport programme in 2019 following extensive consultation with children, staff, and senior leaders in all our schools. 

The Key Stage One Passport outlines seven activities to be completed by the age of seven (Seven by Seven):

  • Visit a farm
  • Observe life cycles such as butterfly or frog
  • Create a piece of art for an exhibition
  • Dress up as a mythical or historical famous person
  • Experience a forest and build a den
  • Go on a picnic with your friends
  • Make a boat and see it is floats on a river or lake

The Key Stage Two Passport, which is eleven activities to be accomplished by the age of eleven (Eleven by Eleven):

  • Visit an art gallery or museum
  • Visit a castle or stately home
  • Visit a beach and paddle in the sea
  • Learn to cook a healthy meal
  • Experience the theatre
  • Perform a Shakespearian play on a stage
  • Attend a sporting event at a professional venue
  • Learn to play and perform a musical instrument
  • Visit a zoo or safari park
  • Learn a non-curriculum sport, eg. horse riding or golf
  • Visit a famous landmark in our capital city

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