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In Year 5, our IPC Topic for this half term  is The Great, the Bold and the Brave, where we are learning all about Ancient Greece and Rome. We will be focusing on the political and social history of both cultures - differences in Greek city states, important emperors of Rome and how each type of government is run and organised. For our entry point, we held the Stewart Fleming Greek Olympics and for our exit point, we are creating our own Roman Forum.



In English this term, Year 5's Power of Reading book is The Journey by Francesca Sanna. We are learning to use subordinating conjunctions and apostrophes for possession, as well as a range of figurative and formal language in stories about journeys, both modern and ancient. We will be writing Greek myths, formal and persuasive letters, and descriptive paragraphs for characters and setting.



In Maths this half term, Year 5 are focusing our place value and number - ordering and comparing, as well as adding and subtracting, numbers up to 100,000. We are also learning to use Roman Numerals and consolidating our understanding of the 8 times table.



In Science, Year 5 is learning about the physics of forces. We will undertake investigations on friction, gravity, and water and air resistance, using scientific equipment like newton meters and levers. We are also learning about the lives and impact of Isaac Newton and Galileo. 



Topic Letters

Please find attached below our topic letter for this half term. It highlights what your child will be learning. 

Topic Letters

Please find attached below our topic letters from previous half terms. 

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