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Year 3 - IPC - Fashion

Welcome to Year 3's Homepage.

Our topic for this half term is 'Fashion' where we will be looking at clothes through the decades, traditional  clothes from around the world, fast fashion and the journey of the T-shirt. As well as making designing and creating our own designs on T-Shirts and accessories to late put on our very own fashion show. 

IPC Fashion


This half term, year three will be focusing on the book  'Coco Chanel' where we will be understanding different character perspectives and writing a biography about her life. We will also be learning how to create instructions to make a mask and writing newspaper reports around our topic 'Fashion'. 



This term in Maths, we will be concentrating on time. We will be learning how to tell the time and applying that skill to two step word problems. We will then be finishing the term looking at shape, understanding the differences between 2-d shapes and 3- shapes. 



In Science this half term, we will be focusing on all the Scientific skills that we need in time for year four. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to revisit all the topics that we have learnt over the year and apply our knowledge to many Science experiments concentrating on building our Scientific skills. 


Topic Letter

Please find attached below our Topic Letter for this half term. It highlights what your child will be learning.

Please find below our previous topic letters to show what we have been learning this year.


Homework will be given out on a Monday and should be completed forThursday.  If you have any questions or difficulties do not hesitate to ask your teacher before it is due back in!

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