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Subject Leader Statement

"We believe that every child should have the ability to communicate and express their emotions, feelings and beliefs through music. This allows them to build confidence and self-awareness through engaging and developing their love of music and fostering a life-long passion."

Music History

Music history is taught throughout the curriculum where children are introduced to influential musicians from different genres and cultures. They learn to listen carefully with meaning, compare and contrast pieces and understand about important events in music, which provide children with a broad theoretical understanding of music and how it fits into society.  All these steps ensure that children's musical journey throughout their formative years is balanced and well-rounded to allow for creativity and knowledge to thrive.

Live Music Experiences

Live music experiences come, not only from our own talented musicians, but also through visits from professional musicians and our involvement in exciting events such as our regular carol singing engagements at Benenden school for girls, The Glades, Bromley and the Young Voices concerts at the 02 arena in Greenwich.

Music Clubs and private tuition

We offer a variety of music clubs throughout the academic year at Stewart Fleming. These clubs are taught by a variety of music specialist some of which induced:

  • Choir Club (BYMT)
  • Woodwind ensemble (Kent Music)
  • Ukulele club 
  • Keyboard club 

We are also extremely lucky to have a team of peripatetic teachers from Kent music service and Bromley youth Music Trust who provide one to one or group lessons during school hours. These instruments included flute, saxophone, piano, clarinet and drums.  As well as this we have the Rocksteady music school group starting their tuition starting in Spring 2 2023 to instruct and guide group instrumental lessons as part of an ensemble to create their very own rock band.  Children will be able to explore and develop their singing, guitar, drums, bass guitar and keyboards skills as working as part of a group.  We cannot wait for this!


Each week, children participate in a key stage singing assembly where we explore a variety of songs from different genres and cultures to enhance their musical knowledge and understanding.  This gives children an opportunity to experience singing as part of a larger group.  Singing is a basic human instinct that is continuously encouraged and developed and is a key element to develop their musicianship, listening skills as well as developing their vocal expression.

Research has shown that singing can be extremely beneficial for you on so many levels. It can help lower stress, boost immunity, enhance memory and improve mental health by releasing positive neurochemicals into our bodies.  In music lessons, children are given an opportunity to further find their voice. Singing from a diverse repertoire, the children explore a broad range of songs exploring different languages, rhythmic movement, syncopated rhythms, body percussion and homophonic, monophonic and polyphonic rhythmic and melodic tools that complement their wider creative curriculum as well as their classroom learning.

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