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At Chatsworth we are committed to provide an inspiring and inclusive environment, linking to local, national and global communities.  We actively encourage and develop independent life-long learners who are able to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

In P.E. we encourage respect, success and achievement for everyone. Our personal goals: Resilient, Adaptable, Communicator, Ethical, Collaborator, Respectful, Empathetic and Thinker are threaded through all teaching and learning to help to develop those qualities that will enable children to be at ease with the continually changing context of their lives.

PE also gives children a chance to flourish and show skills such as leadership or the ability to follow instructions through sport and team games. We believe that physical education should be fun for all. We strive to make PE inclusive and engaging for all pupils and we encourage healthy living and healthy choices.

The PE curriculum at Chatsworth is led by a PE specialist, who is passionate, enthusiastic and driven and wants every child to succeed and develop a love for sport no matter what their socio-economic background or ability.

Children are taught the importance of good sportsmanship, how to manage success and defeat and how to show compassion in victory. These skills are developed within PE lessons and then implemented via intra and inter-schools competitions. 

At Chatsworth PE gives our pupils the opportunities to experience a wide variety of sports and competitive matches which they may not have access to outside of the school setting.

PE Curriculum

At Chatsworth we follow the P.E Pro scheme of work, which provides children with a range of different sporting opportunities.  We cover a range of sports such as dance, gymnastics, multi-sports and functional skills.

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